In the article, The Bigness of Smallness: How Businesses Can Get Bigger by Acting Smaller, the author John Moore lists five rules for a company to get bigger by acting smaller (Moore, 2007). Moore’s rules are: be the best, not the biggest, love your business, passion attracts passion, treat your employees as family, and redefine success (Moore, 2007). With being the best, not the biggest, the author suggests the foundation of the business needs to be nearly perfect before any substantial growth can occur (Moore, 2007). Moore’s second, third, and fourth rules are direct reflections of the business owner’s personality. If the owner loves the business, displays passion and treats employees as family, the business entity will reflect those morals (Moore, 2007). Due to the Pygmalion Effect, followers will want to emulate the charismatic leader, creating a friendly atmosphere that appeals to customers.

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