In the article, Building a Marketing Juggernaut, the author Bo Burlingham reveals that the company, Aquascape has successfully created a quasi-franchise (Burlingham, 2003). The owner of Aquascape, Wittstock has successfully created a way for anybody to get into the pond business. Wittstock uses an excellent marketing strategy by providing “customers with whatever information, education, products, marketing materials, and technical support they need to have successful businesses of their own.” (Burlingham, 2003) Wittstock has successfully created what Michael E. Gerber identifies as the franchise prototype in his book E-Myth Revisited (Gerber, 1995). Wittstock establishes a foundation for others to be successful in the pond business, knowing that the majority of people will rely on many of his products and services. Wittstock is a prime example of how to implement a marketing strategy that works with his business by allowing him to work on the business, instead of in it (Gerber, 1995).

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