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Outdated Hardware + Outdated Software = Lose of Productivity and Money

While your old server may seem “fine,”and a cost effective option, clinging onto it can be costly and dangerous. The security risk of using an older server is the number one danger of keeping old hardware in use. It is especially dangerous when the manufacturer no longer supports the system, and can easily be hacked. The second biggest risk of keeping an old server is data lose, usually when least expected. Perhaps it’s time to invest in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Solution.

Risks of Outdated Hardware:

  • Data corruption and lose (data recovery, and data clean up can be
    very time consuming and costly)
  • Increased vulnerability to cyber threats
  •  Indirect IT problems = Higher IT Costs
  •  Higher Chance of system failure
Risks of Outdated Software:
  • Falling behind on your maintenance plan with your ERP solution can mean lose of support
  • Unable to retrieve historical data if system fails or is hacked
  • Decreased security due to age of technology
Reasons to Move To Acumatica in the Cloud:
  • Secure data that is backed up every 15 minutes
  • Data and Software are always secure with the latest technology
  • The ability to access your solution from any web browser, on any device.
Acumatica ROI Calculator:

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